Heating Maintenance

Don't let your heater be the reason your home is cold in the winter – call Elite Comfort Systems for proper heating maintenance and repairs!

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Comprehensive Heating Maintenance in Idaho Falls

Anyone who's lived in Idaho Falls long enough knows that having a reliable heating system is the only way to comfortably make it through the harsh winters. Unfortunately, the more you lean on your heater, the likelier it is to wear down and break without warning.
Luckily, Idaho Falls residents can count on heater maintenance from Elite Comfort Systems to get their heating systems functional again. Our team is adept at maintaining a well-functioning heater, diagnosing furnace issues, and correcting them fast.

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How to Tell When You Need Heating Maintenance Services

Although it's not always easy to tell when you need to maintain your heater, there are a few common heating problems you can treat as clear signs that you need professional help.

Strange Odors or Sounds

Your home's heating system likely makes sounds when you power it on, but unusual rattling or popping noises are signs of a problem you need to fix before it gets out of hand.

Inefficient Heating

Heating your home is your furnace's sole responsibility. If it can't get the job done as well as it once did, you either need to repair or replace the system.

Leaking Air Ducts

Sometimes, a furnace loses its effectiveness because of parts outside the system rather than failing internal components. Specifically, air ducts can loosen over time and leak your heater's air before it reaches the vents.

Risks of Untreated Air Conditioning or Heating System Damage

The obvious risk of not having effective heating is that you'll have to suffer through the unforgiving Idaho Falls cold in winter. However, there are several other risks to ignoring your furnace's issues, such as:

  • Illness: Traditional furnaces can overheat and spark a natural gas leak that can be poisonous, leading to nausea and headaches.
  • Spiking utility costs: Air filters regulate air flow through a heating system so it can run smoothly. The system will overwork when the air filter clogs, leading to high energy bills.
  • Fire damage: A dirty flame sensor can't regulate your furnace's heat or ignition, and neither can broken or dirty burners. Those issues can cause your heating system's flame to escape and create fire damage throughout your property.

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How Elite Comfort Systems Makes a Difference

There isn't a heater issue we can't repair at Elite Comfort Systems. Whether you need to repair a broken thermostat, leaky ductwork, or an interior piece of your heating system, we'll bring state-of-the-art replacement parts that allow us to establish permanent fixes within minutes.
We can also replace your traditional heating system with a safer, energy-efficient heat pump. Despite their name, heat pumps double as a furnace and air conditioning system, and their unique design helps them last longer than standard gas heating systems. We can also repair a damaged heat pump system like any traditional heating unit.

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