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How to Tell When You Need a New Heat Pump

  • Age: Your heat pump can last anywhere from ten to 15 years before showing signs of wear and tear, depending on your type of heat pump. After that, you'll have to splurge for costly repairs to restore your system.
  • Improper cycling: Efficient heat pumps should run consistently, not power off and on every few minutes. If your heat pump is short cycling, it's likely overheating because of a broken part.
  • Increasing energy costs: A heat pump system is supposed to be an energy-efficient alternative to an HVAC system. However, when its parts wear down, heating and cooling your home with a heat pump costs as much as it would with the alternatives. If you see a spike in your utility bills, you'll know it's time to install a new system.

When you need a heat pump replacement in Idaho Falls, there's no better team to call than Elite Comfort Systems. Our team swaps failing equipment for state-of-the-art units within hours, leaving property owners with the tools they need to stay comfortable indoors.

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Heat Pumps vs. Traditional Heating Systems

A heat pump is different from a traditional heating system in a few ways.

Strong Heating and Cooling Ability

Despite the name, heat pumps are more than just fancy furnaces. Rather, they double as heating and air conditioning systems, giving you all-in-one equipment that eliminates the need to maintain an air conditioner and gas furnace separately.

Safer to Use

The flames in traditional heaters and furnaces can cause burns and carbon monoxide leaks. However, a heat pump doesn't generate heat; it just relocates it, making it safer to use.

Energy Efficiency

Heat pump systems use renewable energy, unlike traditional gas appliances. These benefits have a positive environmental impact but can also make your heat pump cost less in the long term than other heating and cooling systems.
Although the initial heat pump installation cost is more than setting up an air conditioner or gas furnace, you'll save money on your energy bills with a high-efficiency heat pump.

What to Expect During Your Heat Pump Installation

When you schedule services with Elite Comfort Systems, a licensed and certified heat pump installer will arrive at your home on time and with all the necessary equipment. They will explain their replacement process as soon as they show up and start removing your old unit and installing a new one.
Installation only takes a couple of hours, and we'll ensure we protect your home during our work.

Friendly Technicians Treating Your Space as Their Own

Our team is passionate about the Idaho Falls community and its property owners, so we'll treat your living space as our own while we set up your new heat pump system. We'll follow the rules of your home, refrain from tracking in debris, and leave your living space as clean as it was when we arrived.

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