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Air Conditioning Repair

Although Idaho Falls is better known for its frigid winters, anyone who's lived here through summer knows how brutal the warm season can get. That's why it's vital to have functional air conditioning for your Idaho Falls home or business, but unfortunately, air conditioning equipment isn't always up to the task.
When your cooling system is on its last legs, you can schedule air conditioner repair from Elite Comfort Systems to give it a second wind. Our air conditioning repair experts will quickly diagnose your unit's issues and repair them on-site to bring cool, refreshing air back to your property.

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Signs Your Air Conditioning Isn't Getting the Job Done

If you spot any of the following signs of a failing A/C system, you should call Elite Comfort Systems for air conditioner repair immediately, as they could lead to more severe issues.

Blowing Hot Air

The last thing anyone wants when they turn on their A/C system on a hot day is for it to greet them with warm air, but that's what happens when an A/C system's efficiency plummets.
If you have to wait for your air conditioning's cool air to kick in, you likely need coil or refrigerant replacement, and our A/C repair team can handle both jobs.

Constant Repairs

Our air conditioning repair team can restore any air conditioning service unit or residential outdoor unit in one visit. However, if you have to schedule A/C repairs multiple times a year, the system is probably beyond restoration; you could limit expenses by purchasing a newer, stronger one.
The average A/C unit lasts 15 years before losing its efficiency. If your HVAC system has reached that threshold, you might need to replace it rather than suffer through frequent air conditioner repairs.

Spiking Utility Bills

Poorly running air conditioners have to work harder to cool a building entirely, either because their parts are worn down and inefficient or because they have a clogged air filter preventing adequate airflow. That overworking will show up in your utility expenses since the unit will consume more power for the same temperature benefits. Fortunately, an A/C repair service from Elite Comfort Systems will restore balance to your energy expenses.
Not only will our air conditioning repairs restore your A/C system's full strength, but they'll also help you save money on utility costs.

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What We Do During an Air Conditioner Repair Service

We'll complete the following jobs during your air conditioner repair appointment:

  • Evaporator coil and refrigerant checks: Refrigerant and evaporator coils are what cool the A/C systems' air, so we'll ensure the coils are in good condition and the unit has adequate refrigerant first and foremost.
  • Air quality and efficiency testing: Next, we'll test the system's strength to diagnose inefficiencies and repair them as necessary. We'll also examine the system's air quality and remove any pollutants.
  • Cleaning and parts replacement: Finally, we'll clean the dust and debris from your A/C and replace the air filters and broken parts for a smoother operation that produces clean, cold air.

We also offer regular maintenance in addition to A/C repair that keeps your air conditioning strong enough to avoid system failures.

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