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Filter Replacement

Your HVAC system is one of the essential features of your home. It is responsible for keeping you warm during brutal Idaho winters and helps make summer months endurable by providing cool air. With so many vital functions, maintaining the health of your air conditioner is crucial.
One of the many ways to reduce quality air in HVAC systems is the presence of a dirty or old air filter. A/C filter replacement is one of your A/C system's essential maintenance services. Call an HVAC tech from Elite Comfort Systems to replace your air filter today.

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Why Your Air Filter Gets Dirty and Needs Replacing

There are many reasons your A/C filter gets dirty and requires replacement. Since most filters remain on units for longer than recommended, small particles of bacteria, pet dander, dust mites, and mold spores can all clog your A/C filter. Filters that become clogged will decrease the efficiency of your A/C unit and raise utility bills.

When to Replace Air Filters

Knowing when to replace your filters is crucial. If you notice that your home isn't reaching the proper temperatures or that it takes too long to cool a room, this is likely a problem with your filter. Additionally, if you feel the air isn't blowing from your vents fast enough, it's time to call professionals from Elite Comfort Systems.

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Benefits of Replacing Air Filters with Professionals

Along with the benefits of professional service, there are also certain risks of neglecting filter replacement to be aware of. Unhealthy, dirty air, decreased efficiency, increased utility bills, and decreased system lifespan are just some risks of failing to call Elite Comfort Systems to replace your filters. You might also notice family members with allergies or prone to sickness struggling more often if a dirty filter persists for too long.
Changing your filter is also a risky prospect. Since air conditioning systems involve dangerous mechanisms and chemicals, you could accidentally injure yourself or cause damage to your system by attempting DIY replacement.

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